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November 9th 2016 Meeting

November 09, 2016
11:00 AM to 1:00 PM
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Green Building Resource Center
1002 Washington Ave
Houston, TX 77002

November 2016 Meeting Announcement:

Climate Change is a high profile political issue that has been talked about a lot in the past couple of years.  Some people believe that it is real and some people don’t.  There are all sorts of opinions on the subject because of its high profile nature.  The Lone Star chapter is not officially taking a position on either side of the debate.  However, we would like to encourage a healthy debate and discussion on this issue.  To that end we have a special speaker coming to our next meeting to present scientific, thermodynamic, and engineering data to refute the claims of Climate Change.  That being said we do want to encourage all of those folks that support Climate Change to join us for a healthy and constructive debate, so we can all learn from it.  Our speaker is very passionate about his position, as you can see from his bio below, and it would be nice to have other folks there that are passionate about the other side of the debate. 

In Joe’s words he will be discussing "the trifecta of energy lies, Carbon climate forcing, ‘sustainable’ energy and ‘peak’ oil.  Visit his website,, which is linked at Coast to Coast for articles covering these topics, along with other information on faux science, fake history and additional author biographical information”.  Come prepared to ask questions and be part of the discussion.  I hope to see you all there. 


Our Speaker:  Joseph A Olson

Joseph A Olson is a native Texan, attended University of Houston and has been a registered Professional Engineer in Texas for 32 years.  He has been self-employed, engineering mechanical, electrical, plumbing and civil designs on hundreds of construction projects nationwide.  He has traveled to Europe eight times and has sailed the Nile.  In 1989, Mr Olson proposed a functional rail system for Houston, and then exposed a $200 million bid rigging scheme by the illegal, no bid monorail team.  He was guest speaker at over 100 civil clubs during this METRO scam.

Joseph Olson is coauthor of Slaying the Sky Dragon, a science text on the rigged three sided, fake climate debate.  His research articles have been posted at InfoWars, Climate Realist, Climate Depot, Canada Free Press, Drudge Report and cross-linked to thousands of websites in dozens of foreign languages.  He has been interviewed by Dennis Miller on 400 radio stations and by George Noory at Coast to Coast on 615 radio stations



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