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September 14, 2016
11:00 AM to 1:00 PM
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Green Building Resource Center
1002 Washington Ave
Houston, TX 77002

September Topic:

A review of a new total cost of air filter ownership diagnostics software tool that uses filters’ actual field performance indexed against the ASHRAE 52.1 Dust Holding Tests to predict energy usage over a range of service cycles.  Filter cost values, as well as freight, disposal, and other cost factors are applied to derive total cost of ownership over the filter service cycles.  The software features capability to adjust the 52.1 Dust Holding Test curves for changes in system velocity.  The software has the capability to calculate and graphically represent a total cost of ownership based upon four methods – data from 1) field measured filter resistance at the end of a service cycle, 2) field measured filter resistance at a mid-point in a service cycle, 3) a filter dust loading rate, and 4) initial and final resistance with a service cycle. Case studies where the software was utilized with field studies of actual energy usage will be reviewed.

Speakers Bio: Michael Osborne

Currently a consultant at AAF International.  Previously he was Vice President Global R&D at AAF Flanders.  He directed and coordinated AAF Flanders Global R&D activities through Global and Regional R&D Groups.  He has been part of AAF International for eleven years.  He has worked extensively in the areas of air filtration, gas phase filtration technologies and applications, and simulation software for over 30 years.  His current area of focus is on Total Cost of Ownership software development and the use of AAF Flanders ePTFE membrane media filters for pharmaceutical and industrial applications.  Also he has wide experience in the design and operations of industrial processes in the pulp & paper and the chemical industries. He is a member of ASHRAE, ISPE and AIChE, among others.


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